From the recording Andrew Stonehome

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This song is about an innocent longing to be with someone who has been an enduring love interest from the past, even though they’ve gone separate ways in life. I like the idea of two people who could have been great together, but who went separate ways, only to come back together in old age. In this song, the person is hoping for that to happen.

I don’t remember where the idea for this song came from. It started on the piano and maybe I was just fiddling around wishing that I could play like Bruce Hornsby, who I’m a fan of. I hear the influence of a few different artists in this song.

I didn’t have the end part of the song (the guitar solo) figured out when I recorded the drums and I had a lot of fun coming up with it. It reminds me of The Almond Brother and their song “Jessica” that’s used in the movie “Field of Dreams” when they’re driving around the country. That scene made me want to buy a VW van and tour the country as a young person.

As with all of the songs on my debut album, I wrote, performed, recorded and mixed myself it in my 104 year-old house.


In my dream we met again 
One day by the river bend 
I’d swim across the ocean blue just to be with you  

In some far and distant land 
I would take you by the hand 
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
Just to be with you 

Now that winter’s here to stay 
And your shadow still remains 
I’ll never find another you, now I know that’s true 


You could be
Lost at sea
But you'd still be with me
Now the years have passed me by 
One thing I just can’t deny 
I’d give the world to be with you
There’s nothing I won’t do 

One day we will meet again 
And I’ll show you where I’ve been  
I know that I could make it through
I’d rather be with you