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This Coldplay song is one of my daughter’s favorite songs so I was originally just learning it in order to sing it along with her while recovering from surgery. Because of some of the physical limitations I’ve had recently, I haven’t been able to play and record music in the same way I normally would. I still found myself wanting to create at times and so I’d record on my phone using GarageBand instead of setting up all of my equipment. It’s turned out to be a fun challenge to be creative within the limitations that come with using the phone. 

Most of the things I recorded were done quickly without worrying about quality, which goes against my nature. When I started recording this song, it was sounding better than the others so I couldn’t help but try to make it sound as good as possible. I was not planning on sharing any of these recordings, but I liked this one too much not to share.

I made the video animation using Motion 5 (I’m a novice at creating animation). 

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Ink (Coldplay Cover)

Andrew Stonehome

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Cover of the Coldplay song "Ink", performed, recorded, and mixed on an iPhone by Andrew Stonehome while recovering from surgery.

Written by Chris Martin, Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland & Will Champion

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