1. Stay

From the recording Andrew Stonehome

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This song was one of the first acoustic guitar based song ideas that I had and it was named “Acoustic #3” for a while (the song “When You’re Leaving” was “Acoustic #5” during that time).

The initial musical idea was to play something simple along with the steady kick drum beat, in the vein of Bon Iver. The verse melody came pretty quickly and along with it, the first verse and the theme “stay”. That led to the idea of a parent who wants to protect their child from the inevitable hurt that comes in life.

This is something I relate to because I love the innocence of children. One of the few things that can make me emotional quickly is the idea of a child being hurt; particularly by people being cruel to them. However, as a parent, you need to be able to temper that desire to protect a child from all of the possible cruelties that they could be exposed to in order to let them grow.

That was the starting point for the theme in this song. As the song goes, you realize that this parent has gone too far in their effort to protect the child and it’s really more about their own pain as they use the child to try and fill their own void. One of my favorite lyrical lines from the album is in this song: “All the scars left on my face, from the things I can’t erase”.

This is a contrast to the song “When You’re Leaving”, which is about a parent or person who has a healthy recognition that they need to let the person go off into the world in order to grow. I like the fact that these two songs serve as bookends for the album, and as someone who’s always been drawn to melancholy themes, I like ending the album with this song rather than one that ties things up nicely. While it serves as the end of the album, it’s also a prelude of musical areas that I’m looking forward to exploring more deeply in the future.

As with all of the songs on my debut album, I wrote, performed, recorded and mixed myself it in my 104 year-old house.


And be a little girl 
Don’t go into the world 
They’ll hurt you and they’ll try 
To tear down what’s inside 
If you try to find your way  
Pay no mind to what they say 


When dark clouds fill the sky 
And you hear that lullaby 
When you’re drowning in the rain 
From the secret of your name 

If you try to reach the sky 
Well you can’t let them deny 


I’m like a bird that never flew 
These broken wings won’t leave the ground 
I’ll be ok right next to you 
I promise I won’t let you down 


The world is turning blue 
When the sunlight can’t get through 
All the scars left on my face 
From the things I can’t erase 

Will you help me make it through? 
'Cause I’m nothing without you